Are You Stuck?

Take new actions that make a meaningful difference in your workplace, your community or your professional effectiveness.

Bridgeway Partners supports you to create what you really care about by providing the insight, expertise, and methodology to reframe and resolve persistent problems.

Using proven, pragmatic approaches to systems change, David Peter Stroh, Marilyn Paul, and Associates help you take a fresh look at where you are stuck, find ways to get traction, and achieve breakthrough results.

Make a Meaningful Difference

Take action for
Social Change
  • End homelessness
  • Energize education
  • Improve public health...

Get Traction on Organizational Inaction

Transform your organization's stuck places, conflicts, and messes through
Organizational Learning & Systems Thinking

Do Less 
Achieve More

Reduce work overload, firefighting and chronic disorganization to achieve
Sustainable Productivity

Systems Thinking
Social Change

Do you wish that your efforts to create social change could have a more powerful impact?

It's Hard to Make
a Difference When You
Can't Find Your Keys

International bestseller. An invaluable handbook for people seeking greater calm and effectiveness at home and work.