Leading Systemic Change: The I/WE/IT Framework

How can you break down the challenge of leading complex systems change into manageable categories? 

An emerging framework inspired by Ken Wilber’s “theory of everything” enables leaders to organize their thinking into three areas.
[i] The framework – developed by Heather McLeod Grant, Chris Block, and Lance Fors in partnership with the American Leadership Forum of Silicon Valley – characterizes changes that must occur at three levels: individual (I); collective including relationships, organizations and networks (WE), and systems you want to impact (IT).[ii]


Here are important elements to focus on at each level from a systemic point of view.[iii]

At the individual level, help yourself and others:


 At the collective level:

      Finally, at the systems level:

Strong winds of change are blowing across the U.S. and the global commons. If we want to steer in the direction of a world that works for everyone in sustainable ways, we have to create and align changes at all three levels of system with this end in mind.

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